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Carding is a common automated bot threat. Carders, such as Bestcvvshoponline2018, Approvedcvvshop and Shopccscarding, test credit card numbers against ecommerce's payment processes to find valid info and get missing values of a card

Carders usually use bots to execute attacks against a payment system. During these attacks, bots test the Card Security Code or the Card Identification Number. Carding also includes the testing of PAN (primary account number) or a gift card number. There are many ways to use tested cards: carders can resell them, buy goods and ship them to a third-party and so on
Carding forums and websites

Since the early 2000s, carding has grown in popularity. There have been carding forums and websites such as Torcvv, Bestdumpswithpin and Cccvvdumpsfree that have become pros at carding. Over time, one website gets shut down and another starts working
Dark web

Currently, these websites and forums dominate the dark web. They have strict invitation protocols to identify security researches. In 2014, for example, carders (e.g. Jshopcvv and Goodccshop) were responsible for $11.6 million in stolen funds. Besides, it's hard to track carders as they use gift cards that don't have any names associated with them